Monday, October 5, 2009

Extra, Extra

Let's just say it's the day after a big family dinner and I got some leftovers for the homies...

Abandoned car dealership in Kissimmee, FL. I think it was called pick up truck heaven or something. I got one shot off of Sam and the rains flooded down

Alternate angle of Tall Tee's flip to fakie

Another shot of Jereme Knibbs' wallrides. Ollie into this one

My mans Curly came up on a stylin' new ring

Shooting something with Frosty the other day, Body got in on the fun. Front shove

He almost got a front heel. He can do it, he just didn't do it. I think the idea with him wanting me to run this photo is that he'll probably secure a nice box of product for that prominent Zoo York logo

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gufukaghot said...

thats a dope shot of body


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