Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's Get Strange.

The start of this delivery was amassed via "The 'Space", Myspace. My old friend Kyle Whitaker, LB Kyle as he's known, sent me a message asking for my address.
"401 N. Wall St #37
Bushnell, FL 33513 if you want to sent me something,
1927 CR 738,
Webster, FL 33597 if you want to come hang out, skate a pre-fab mini ramp and listen to 80's. Punk Rock with me." was my reply.

Kyle is a big fan of that 80's Punk Rock. Dead Kennedy's, etc. But I got no reply.

A couple days later (LB Kyle moves quick, apparently) the mailman came and dropped off a 5X9 manila envelope at the stoop this afternoon.


"Steve A.
1927 County Rd. 738
Webster, Fla. 33597"

Kyle told me (about a year ago now that I think about it) that he was going to mail me photos, but I never got any. I didn't know what he'd cooked up to send me. Prints? Drawings? With Kyle I can never be sure. He's so all over the place I never know what he's up to. I'll talk to him one month and he's in Santa Cruz, then he's in Eastern Europe with his girlfriend. Then I see him at the Skatepark of Tampa. Then he's off to Ohio.

I opened the envelope with scissors because he tapes the holy shit out of it. Precious content, gotta be secure.



I got blessed with a great 'zine, and a cool poster. I didn't know Kyle was a good illustrator. I just thought he was good at living.


4 big pages of an interesting story, live music and skate photos. Kyle and me both are pretty into skating ditches, and I was pleasantly unsurprised to see some sloped concrete Skateboarding going down.


Between social commentary, Punk Rock and Skateboarding, Strange Pursuit is all over the place while still being fun and interesting. A lot like Kyle.


LB Kyle even shouted out one of the most stylish skaters to rise from Tampa, Matt MacMillan.

I have no idea how you can possess a copy of Strange Pursuit too, but I think finding Kyle on Myspace (

I'm happy to put this bad boy in my drawer with all the other 'zines I've accumulated over the years. If you're wondering what Thrasher that is, it's the Jeff Pang Brooklyn Banks cover. Righteous.

Thanks Kyle.

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